Tuition Payment
Midwest Music Conservatory schedules lessons and classes by the month based on 48 sessions/year.  Tuition payments should be made directly to the Conservatory by cash, check, or debit/credit card. Tuition is due on or before the first of each month or term. Tuition fees reflect not only time spent with the student in lessons, but also time spent reading and selecting music for each student as well as printing costs, office expenses, magazine subscriptions, and studio maintenance.
Late payments made after the first of the month will result in an additional 10% charge. Returned checks will result in an additional $20 service fee.
The tuition rates are as follows:
 a. Private Lessons = $96/4 half-hour lessons [Prorated tuition for cancellations are as follows: $72 / $48 / $24]
b. Private Lessons = $136/4 forty-five minute lessons
[Prorated tuition: $102 / $68 / $34]
c. Private Lessons = $171/4 one hour lessons
[Prorated tuition: $128.25 / $85.50 / $42.75]
Can I pay online?
Yes! We have a payment page on our website that can be located here.